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The Firefox Operator Add-on
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chrome DOMNodeInserted/Removed is as evil as Attr modified - lump in same pref Apr 8, 2013
services Wrong domain May 1, 2008
userscripts In the XFN case, allow alt text for a nested image to be the text (fo… Mar 4, 2008
LICENSE Add Keith Alexander to contributors Aug 7, 2007
Operator.kpf Komodo project file Aug 12, 2008 Fix syntax errors in build script Jul 13, 2012
chrome.manifest Remove support for songbird Feb 5, 2010
chrome.manifest.flat update files with new locales Oct 12, 2009
chrome.manifest.jar Remove flock and songbird support, add seamonkey Nov 19, 2009
install.rdf Add contributor entry Jul 14, 2012
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