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Data reduction pipeline for e-MERLIN
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e-MERLIN pipeline and associated files.

v0.9 - released 20161003, contains many updates (described in
v0.7 - first public release of the pipeline, as described in Argo 2015.

Download all files to wherever your data are located.
Edit "doall.inputs" to modify the parameters for your requirements.
At the command line, type the following and answer the prompts:
	> ParselTongue doall.inputs
Have a cup of tea while you wait for it to run.

Various stages generate diagnostic plots and/or tables attached to your dataset.
Unless you are *sure* of your data quality and know what you are doing, we 
strongly recommend that you run the pipeline one stage at a time and look at 
these plots/tables after each section has completed, making any adjustments as 
required.  You WILL want to edit your solution tables.

More detailed instructions and recommendations can be found in the e-MERLIN 
user guide, available from here:

mkargo 20161004
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