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Welcome to the lifeblood of DocPad! The community! As this is a wiki, feel free to make it better! For major rewrites of the wiki, be sure to check on the GitHub Issue Tracker but we're sure it will be okay in one form or another :) All wiki content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Getting Started

A quick walkthrough on the basics of DocPad, and how to use the CLI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a quick question? Or know a nifty answer that you think others will benefit from. Check out the FAQ.

Showcase and Examples

The ultimate listing of everything docpad. Websites, web applications, companies, presentations, press, etc. Well worth checking out.

Guides & Tutorials

Guides and Tutorials related to DocPad are listed here, it's the place where you can learn how to accomplish cool new stuff with DocPad.

Upgrade Guides

Ready to upgrade to a new version of DocPad? Be sure to check out the upgrade guides to find out what is involved.

Hosting DocPad

Ready to publish your DocPad website for the world to see? Learn your options here.

Extending DocPad

Where to go to learn how to add more power to DocPad.


Need more power? Here is a listing of all the plugins people have made for DocPad. If you've made a plugin, be sure to list it here.


Discover new Skeletons for DocPad, and themes waiting to be coded up right here.


Getting bugs and errrors? Try here first.

GitHub Issue Tracker

Use the GitHub issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests.

Support Forum

Use the forum for questions about DocPad

IRC Chat Room

Want to hangout on IRC for an online chat? Then join the #docpad channel on any freenode server.


This is the big picture vision page for DocPad and the steps needed to get there. Worth checking out.


Ready to help DocPad become even better? Learn what how you can help right here.

Everything Else

Can't find what you're looking for? Check here for the complete listing of all the pages in this wiki.