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A block for WordPress that enables drop in side-by-side image comparison
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Juxtapose Block

A WordPress plugin which adds a block that enables you to create a side-by-side comparison of two images. The block is built off the JuxtaposeJS library by Knight Lab.




Install juxtapose-block plugin to your WordPress plugins directory and activate. You can download a zip from the releases page and upload to install.

  • Add block to your post using the (+) block inspector
  • Select before and after images, works best if they are the same size
  • Select Orientation (Above/Below, Side-by-side) in Block settings


The juxtapose-block uses a standard npm build process.

Development build w/ watch:

npm install
npm run dev

Production build:

npm install
npm run build

TODO: add linting, tests, and other "real" things.



Licensed under GPL 2.0 or later .

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