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Blender Tool Collections
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T+ Addons

Tool Collections for Blender 2.78-2.79


single phyton script: rightclick and save target as...

complete collection:

set folder: Zip folder 2.78 ...or... Zip Folder 2.79

go to the wiki-page for more information

Install Instruction

  • run blender

  • open the user preferences under [CTRL+ALT+U] or under files...

  • go to tab addons and press "Install from File..." at the bottom.

  • you can install a phyton script or zip file as well. (#___)

  • activate the addon and choose settings in the addon preferences

  • to have it on each blender start press "Save User Setting" at the bottom

  • all addons from this collection are in category toolplus


  • for a single pyhton script is no zip required, just add it to blender text editor

  • be sure it have a bpy import, import of data types and his own registry and an press run

  • T+ Addons on this GitHub are collections of my own and free-to-use addons from allover. GNU General Public License

  • This collections will be updated continuously, because it boost my own workflow, save time at the end and makes fun. :)

  • If you like the collections and want to support it for further updates, place a smile :)

  • Donate :)

  • Or get some special stuff from me, take a look "here": ... > more upcoming... :)

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