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watchOS UI for a circular selection menu
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Circular Crown Selector.xcodeproj
Example-watchOS Extension

Circular Crown Selector

for watchOS

CircularCrownSelector is a selection menu that is controlled via Digital Crown. The user interface is a replica of Apple's old Contact app designed for previous versions of watchOS.

👷 Installation

Step 1. Install CocoaPods

Edit your Podfile and specify the dependency:

pod "CircularCrownSelector"

Step 2. Drag Interface from Storyboard

Go to Source/Base.lproj/ and open Interface.storyboard. ⌘-C and ⌘-V the only screen you see in the storyboard to your own Interface.storyboard.

And voilà 🎉


This is an open source project so feel free to contribute by

⚠️ Notes

This library is made to be used only with watchOS. Xcode dictates that a project must have an iOS project for a watchOS project to exist. So, please ignore the folder Example-iOS as it is an empty project.

This library supports both 42mm and 38mm Apple Watches.

👮 License

See License

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