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Security Headers crawler

A python script to get an overview of the security headers implemented in the web, analyze them and save in a local DB for statistics.

Periodically running this tool, you can see the trend of usage of security headers on a set of website (such as the Top 1 Million websites).

Note: The main focus of this tool is to study the CSP (Content Security Policy) header usage.


Output sample

Output sample

How it works

For each website given in input:

  • it makes an http / https request
  • it handles the redirection status code (es 301, 302..)
  • it can use just one or different user agents (to check differences)
  • it looks for all types of CSP headers (also in the HTML meta tags)
  • it saves the found headers in a local DB (for further analysis)
  • it saves the HTML code in a compressed format in the local DB
  • it uses different threads to distribute tasks to different workers
  • it temporarily saves cookies and it uses them to correctly handle subsequent HTTP requests (basic functionalities are currently implemented)

Studied headers

  • "content-security-policy"
  • "content-security-policy-report-only"
  • "X-Content-Security-Policy"
  • "X-WebKit-CSP"
  • "Public-Key-Pins"
  • "Public-Key-Pins-Report-Only"
  • "strict-transport-security"
  • "x-xss-protection"
  • "x-frame-options"
  • "x-content-type-options"
  • "X-Firefox-Spdy"
  • "p3p"

Required libraries:

  • python 2.7
  • python imports: httplib, urlparse, csv, sys, sqlite3, datetime, time, os, fromstring, multiprocessing, traceback, zlib

How to run it

  1. Download the code
git clone

2.a) Execute the script (default mode)


2.b) Execute the script with multi agents (-m) and with an input file (-i FILE)

python -m -i file.cvs
  1. The result is stored in output/result.db

Background mode

  1. Start in background
nohup python -r > progress &
  1. Read progress
tail -n 60 progress


A web crawler to get an overview of the security headers implemented in the web




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