Creates and updates a cordova plugman plugin.xml and vendored product from a cocoapod spec.
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Build tools the creates and updates a cordova plugman plugin.xml and vendored product from a cocoapod spec.

  • Fetch and build a cocoapod dependency.
  • Install and rename the cocoapod source files into the plugin.
  • Create and set the required <platform name="ios"> plugin.xml elements.
  • Correctly handle some common issues in building a cordova plugin
  • Freeze the cocoapod dependency version as specified in the podfile.
  • Easy to pull in updates from the cocoapod dependency
  • Easy to use the best practice of only placing a compiled lib and not source files in the plugin

This build tool will not:

  • Template or write any obj-c wrappers / interfaces
  • Template or write any javascript APIs
  • Specify modules / clobbering or handle other sections of plugin.xml


  • Start creating your plugin following the Plugin Spec. Note that you must have the <platform name="ios"> element in your plugin.xml before proceeding.
  • Clone this repo into your plugin repo. Recommended to put it in 'scripts/update-ios-cocoapod'
cd plugin-xml-dir && mkdir -p scripts && cd scripts
git clone update-ios-cocoapod
  • Configure the podfile in scripts/update-ios-cocoapod. See below.
  • Build
cd scripts/update-ios-cocoapod
make                # For an ios release
make build-sim      # For debugging in the ios simulator
make && make clean  # Build and cleanup


  • Update the pod dependency version in podfile
pod 'POD_NAME', '-> 3.2'
  • Rebuild
cd scripts/update-ios-cocoapod
make && make clean
  • Update CDVPlugin interfaces if there were any API changes

Configuring the podfile

See for more info on using podfiles

Add a platform and a pod entry. See

platform :ios, '6.0'

Integrate CocoapodToCordovaBuilder into the post_install hook

post_install do |installer|
  require './cocoapod-to-cordova'
  build ='POD_NAME', installer.project)

Set the root_path and destination if they are not the defaults

  # The directory path where plugin.xml lives
  build.root_path = File.expand_path(File.join('.', '../..')) # default

  # The root installation directory. Relative to the root_path.
  build.destination = 'src/ios/vendor' #default

CocoapodToCordovaBuilder#configure can take a number of options

    # Product is renamed and moved to the destination dir
    product: { name: "libmypod.a" },
    # Include the spanish localization from 'es.lproj'.
    localization: 'es',
    # Don't copy some headers. Copy the rest to 'destination/head'
    headers: { exclude: ['private_header.h', 'other_header.h'], sub_dir: 'head' },
    # Exclude this framework
    frameworks: { exclude: ['Foundation.framework'] },
    # Exclude this resource and copy the rest to 'destination/assets'
    resources: { sub_dir: 'assets', exclude: ['other-img.png'] }

Cordova Notes

  • Cordova plugins will fail to install if there is a filename conflict between the existing cordova project and the incomming plugin. If a generated plugin fails to install when installing with cordova plugin add ..., then add the conflicting files to the appropriate exclude section of the build configuration.
  • Localization files (en.lproj, es.lproj, etc) will always result in file name conflicts. This tool handles them specifically; by excluding them from the resources and only copying the specified .lproj's contained files into the project. See localization in configure


This tool was extracted from Cordova-DBCamera. See it in action there scripts/update-ios/cocoapod

Podfile in Cordova-DBCamera

platform :ios, '6.0'
pod 'DBCamera', git: 'git://'

post_install do |installer|
  require './cocoapod-to-cordova'
  build ='DBCamera', installer.project)
    product: { name: 'libdbcamera.a'},
    localization: 'en',
    headers: {
      exclude: [

And the generated plugin.xml

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<plugin id='com.vulume.cordova.dbcamera' version='0.0.1' xmlns='' xmlns:android=''>
     Plugman compatible wrapper for DBCamera.
     Chris Ewald, Vulume Inc.
     camera, ios
  <js-module name='dbcamera' src='www/dbcamera.js'>
    <clobbers target='cordova.plugins.dbcamera'/>
  <platform name='ios'>
    <config-file parent='/*' target='config.xml'>
      <feature name='DBCamera'>
        <param name='ios-package' value='CDVdbcamera'/>
    <source-file src='src/ios/CDVdbcamera.m'/>
    <framework src='Foundation.framework' autogen='true'/>
    <framework src='AVFoundation.framework' autogen='true'/>
    <framework src='CoreMedia.framework' autogen='true'/>
    <header-file src='src/ios/vendor/headers/DBCameraContainerViewController.h' autogen='true'/>
    <header-file src='src/ios/vendor/headers/DBCameraViewController.h' autogen='true'/>
    <header-file src='src/ios/vendor/headers/DBCameraDelegate.h' autogen='true'/>
    <header-file src='src/ios/vendor/headers/DBCameraView.h' autogen='true'/>
    <resource-file src='src/ios/vendor/resources/DBCameraImages.xcassets' autogen='true'/>
    <resource-file src='src/ios/vendor/resources/en.lproj/DBCamera.strings' autogen='true'/>
    <source-file framework='true' src='src/ios/vendor/libdbcamera.a' autogen='true'/>