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@vbatoufflet vbatoufflet released this Apr 22, 2019 · 39 commits to master since this release


  • recipe: A "file" source type can be specified in recipes rules if source is
    not an archive.
  • cmd/mkdeb: A "--recipe" command flag can be specified in build commands to
    specify a custom recipe path.
  • recipe: An exclusion pattern can be added to recipes install rules to exclude
    files from resulting packages.
  • archive: Non compressed tar archives are now supported.


  • archive: Fix mishandled files mode reading from source archives.
  • deb: Fix missing trailing slashes for directories references in generated
  • cmd/mkdeb: Fix a crash when search results return partial data.
  • cmd/mkdeb: Fix a crash when source format is unsupported.
  • cmd/mkdeb: Fix download progress issue when Content-Length header is missing.
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