Liberté Linux, a live distribution serving as a communication aid in hostile environments.
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Liberté Linux: Mission-critical stealth communication

Liberté Linux is a secure, reliable, lightweight and easy to use Gentoo-based LiveUSB/SD/CD Linux distribution with the primary purpose of enabling anyone to communicate safely and covertly in hostile environments. Whether you are a privacy advocate, a dissident, or a sleeper agent, you are equally likely to find Liberté Linux useful as a mission-critical communication aid.

See build instructions if you want to master a custom Liberté Linux image. Liberté can also serve as a robust framework for mastering Gentoo-based LiveUSBs/CDs. The build process is fully automated with incremental build support, and is more mature and reliable than most of Gentoo's own outdated LiveCD tools. Gentoo is an extremely flexible distribution for safely generating custom live media from source — for instance, Liberté does not contain Portage, GCC, Perl or Python.

License: GPLv2.