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+ 2014.07 release
* Release naming convention is YYYY.MM from now on
* Kernel 3.15 with module signing
* DM-Verity for faster SquashFS image verification
* Support for installation to GPT media
* Added support for exFAT filesystem
* Better support for QEMU mouse virtualization
* Xorg server 1.15
* Firewire SBP-2 module is blacklisted to prevent Firewire RAM access
* Reduced the number of SUID binaries via POSIX.1e capabilities
* Replaced htpdate with NTP for time synchronization
* Added "tz" boot parameter for RTC timezone specification
* Added "gentoo=nontp" boot parameter for disabling NTP
* Added "gentoo=obfs" boot parameter for obfsproxy Tor bridges
* Added "gentoo=xkms" boot parameter for forcing X modesetting driver
* More robust Xorg autoconfiguration with sequential fallbacks
* Changed OTFE filesystem to ext4
* Added ASCII virtual keyboard table for OTFE password entry
* Added preformatted man pages
* Replaced Epiphany with Firefox
* Added proxychains, a heterogeneous chaining proxyfier
* Replaced XChat with HexChat
* Removed experimental I2P support and JamVM
* Removed many packages due to shift of project focus
* Removed most translations due to shift of project focus
* OVA image creation is fully integrated into build process
* Removed script
+ 2012.3 release
* Kernel 3.4.7 with overlayfs instead of Unionfs
* Kernel image is now bundled with initramfs
* EFI boot binaries are signed for Secure Boot
* (U)EFI trusted boot chain continues from EFI boot binaries
* Xorg server 1.12 and Mesa 8.0 with Gallium3D for Radeon cards
* Nouveau driver is used for Nvidia cards
* Better support for VMware graphics virtualization
* Simplified boot parameters handling, most are now omitted
* Added "blacklist" boot parameter for kernel modules blacklisting
* Added "bridges" boot parameter for specifying Tor bridges
* Added "gentoo=noanon" boot parameter for non-anonymous usage mode
* More rigorous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (un)blocked states on boot
* Added small CD -> USB bootstrapping ISO image
* Added optional PKCS#11 smart-cards support to GnuPG
* Added reaver-wps, a WiFi Protected Setup cracking tool
* Added Redshift, a screen color temperature adjuster
* Disabled GnuPG-S/MIME autoimport of expired certificates
* GTK-2 and GTK-3 themes are now uniform
+ 2012.2 release
* Better handling of "readonly" boot parameter for some boot media
* Better SD boot media support on some hardware
* Added USB 3.0 boot media support
* Last remaining executable PaX exception has been removed
* Cables communication is now self-contained, based on libmicrohttpd
* Added VIPS image manipulation toolkit (including nip2 GUI)
* Added XInput calibrator
* Removed ePDFView
* Fixed key retrieval in GNU Privacy Assistant
+ 2012.1 release
* Kernel 3.2.11 with devtmpfs in initramfs
* Fixed memory wiping in KEXEC kernel
* Removed almost all PaX protection exceptions
* Fixed multilingual disk labels support for automount
* Fixed 3G support for modems with PIN unlocking
* More extensive firmware support
* Better hardware support (nVidia SATA, BRCM4313, DVBs, joysticks, tablets)
* Experimental (U)EFI booting support using GRUB 2
* Better filesystem security (read-only root fs)
* CD boot media ejection now triggers shutdown (same as USB boot media)
* Filesystem is now FHS-3.2+/run-compliant
* Removed framebuffer console splash and decoration
* Reworked framebuffer handling and simplified boot menu entries
* Added SquashFS image verification during early boot
* Added "readonly" boot parameter for disabling persistence
* Added "toram" boot parameter for copying root filesystem to RAM
* Added "gentoo=xvesa" boot parameter for forcing VESA driver in X server
* Added "gentoo=xfb" boot parameter for forcing framebuffer driver in X server
* now supports "auto" mode, w/o unmounting and script copying
* is now more robust (MBR write fix, 64-bit-only systems warning)
* Cables communication maintains perfect forward secrecy and repudiability
* Added Open Virtualization bundle (OVA) (backported to 2011.2)
* Better support for VMware and VirtualBox virtualization
* Better support for regular mailboxes in Claws-Mail
* Better Bluetooth support
* Replaced Midori browser with Epiphany (also based on WebKit-GTK+)
* Replaced SCIM input methods manager with uim
* Added gFTP file transfer client
* Added uGet download manager
* Replaced Xarchiver with File Roller
* Unsafe Browser execution environment is sanitized with pam_namespace
* Laptop Mode Tools do not wake up drives on PM state changes
* Unsafe Browser now refuses to run once Tor has established a circuit
* Added keyboard layout configuration via locale customization applet
* Added test-liberte, an automatic network policy testing script
* Build scripts do not require SquashFS tools or cdrtools anymore
+ 2011.2 release
* ISO image generation, useful for VMs and independent installs
* Support for installing to ext2/3/4 filesystems
* Directories are hidden on FAT (during install) and ISO (in Joliet layer)
* Added silent splash theme, which also disables logo in X server
* Added configuration-gathering tool for bug reporting
* Kernel 2.6.39 with SquashFS XZ compression and NX support
* Requirements bumped to PentiumIII+ (implies MMX, SSE) with PAE
* All RAM is wiped on shutdown/reboot, regardless of 3GiB address space limit
* Xorg server 1.10, better touchpad support
* Better integration as VirtualBox (including clipboard), VMWare, QEMU guest
* VirtualBox shares are now supported as automount directories
* HFS and HFS+ filesystems are now supported as read-only automounts
* Optional I2P support via gentoo=i2p kernel argument
* HTP time daemon has been hardened and extended to aid I2P service
* OTFE partition now supports file permissions, sanitized during boot
* OTFE partition now uses NTFS compression for all data
* Added an applet for switching Tor identity (NEWNYM)
* Cables communication is now a separate project
* Cables communication daemon runs under a designated user
* Cables communication supports I2P as source and destination addresses
* Added cables communication identity information applet
* Added small and fast Java runtime environment (JamVM)
* Added HTML5 and plugin-based video/audio support to Midori
* Added SASL (plain) authentication and OTR encryption support to XChat
* Added PPTP/OpenVPN/Cisco VPN support to NetworkManager
* Added emelFM2 2-pane file manager
* Replaced MPlayer with Totem (GStreamer-based)
* Replaced xvkbd with Florence virtual keyboard
* Audio mixer channels are heuristically set up on boot
* Selected Tor-friendly IRC networks for XChat
+ 2011.1 release
* Removed SYSLINUX dependency during Linux install
* Custom fast initramfs without blind modules probing
* Separated KMS-dependent and VESA-dependent boots
* Added option for booting without applying user settings
* More RAM is wiped with KEXEC-based reboot/shutdown
* RAM is also wiped before power-off on boot media removal
* Power-off button is ignored when X server screen is locked
* X server screen locks automatically on closed lid
* Boot media filesystem is repaired on startup and shutdown
* Kernel 2.6.37 with PLD Linux SquashFS LZMA patches
* Parallel OpenRC facilitates faster startup and shutdown
* Control groups assist process scheduling
* Haveged is used for supplying entropy
* Xorg server 1.9
* Added OpenSSH client
* Disabled NTP in favor of exclusive HTP use
* Added secure and anonymous cables communication
* Added detection and warning about virtualized environment
* Added blinking of unused LEDs on dropped and rejected packets
* Easy MP4[H.264+MP3] webcam video encoding
* Easy Speex audio encoding
* Added FBReader, XChat, Pidgin
+ 2010.1 release
* Transitioned to SYSLINUX, radically simplified installation on all platforms
* Robust persistence using resizable encrypted virtual partition (OTFE)
* Tor start-up does not depend on in-the-clear correct time source access
* Tor hostname is now directly generated and propagated to Tor upon first boot
* Provisional communication certificates generation and username derivation
* GnuPG uses HKPS protocol (CA certificate verified during build)
* Added an unsafe browser that bypasses the firewall (for Wi-Fi registration)
* Added robust X server screen locking support
* Added a robust and reasonably fast start-to-finish build script
* Added universal verification of signatures during build (rsync is disabled)
* Hardened build is now based on the more reliable regular stage3 autobuilds
* Hardened GCC version with SSP and PIE support is now used to build packages
* Removed CDROM boot support
* Accepted licenses are explicitly specified during build
* Updated to kernel 2.6.32, kernel+initrd use LZMA
* Removed SquashFS LZMA support until it is available in mainline
* Added full ACL and extended attributes support
* AutoFS integration fixes and enhancements
* Added support for popular Ethernet and Wi-Fi drivers (including firmware)
* Removed the deprecated IDE support in favor of libata, added SMART monitor
* MAC address is correctly randomized (automatic for Wi-Fi only)
* Laptop Mode Tools are used for power management
* Most capable audio card is configured as default during boot
* Replaced (unmaintained and Python-based) Wicd with NetworkManager
* Stability, security, and hardware support improvements
* Space usage improvements
* Improved control of growing log files (no file grows indefinitely in tmpfs)
* Perl and Python are cleanly removed from the image
* Applications list improvements (Evince+Postscript/DejaVu, Eboard, ...)
* Provisional MP4[H.264+Ogg[Vorbis/Speex]] lightweight video encoding support
+ 2010.0 inital release
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