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  • R functions for accessing New York Times’ APIs
  • Functionality currently extends to “article search”, “most popular”, and “Times newswire” APIs.

Authorizing API access

## replace x's with nytimes article search API key which
##    you can acquire by visiting the following URL:
##    https://developer.nytimes.com/signup
apikey <- paste0("NYTIMES_KEY=", "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")

## make path to .Renviron
file <- file.path(path.expand("~"), ".Renviron")

## save environment variable
cat(apikey, file = file, append = TRUE, fill = TRUE)

Using nytimes package

Install package


Load package

## load nytimes package


Article Search API

## get http response objects for search about sanctions
nytsearch <- nyt_search("sanctions", n = 2000)

## convert response object to data frame
nytsearchdf <- as.data.frame(nytsearch)

## preview data
head(nytsearchdf, 10)

Most Popular API

## get data for most popular stories
nytpop <- nyt_mostpopular(metric = "mostshared",
                          section = "U.S.")

## convert response object to data frame
nytpopdf <- as.data.frame(nytpop)

## preview data

## get media for each observation

Times Newswire API

## get data from the Times newswire
nytwire <- nyt_timeswire(src = "all",
                         section = "all")

## convert response object to data frame
nytwiredf <- as.data.frame(nytwire)

## preview data


  • These functions were created during the Big Dynamic Data working group sponsored by the Center for Research Methods & Data Analysis at the University of Kansas.