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Nov 28, 2016

@mkeeter mkeeter released this Nov 28, 2016 · 30 commits to develop since this release

Antimony 0.9.3


  • Use alt modifier to drag values faster
  • Add 'Show math string' node
  • Pre-emptively clip rendering to screen size (which should make rendering faster when zoomed in)
  • Easier packaging for Debian (thanks @pfelecan)
  • Flatter icon (thanks, @ApostolosB)


  • Tab and shift-tab now switch between datums like they used to (before 0.9.1)
  • HSB color node is no longer black by default
  • Fix extra images being drawn on load
  • 'Hide UI' menu item actually does what it says
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@mkeeter mkeeter released this Jul 3, 2016 · 64 commits to develop since this release

Antimony 0.9.2

This release has relatively few user-facing features, but should make the lives of our Linux packaging volunteers easier.

There are also a host of bugfixes in sb.ui (which contains a set of immediate-mode UI calls that can be placed in Node scripts).


  • Building now uses cmake instead of qmake, which is much simpler
  • sb.ui functions now take an optional key argument to disambiguate


  • Dragging sb.ui shapes was not undoable; now, it is.
  • Correct positions are passed into controls with absolute drag callbacks
  • Fixed a bug where you could end up with unparented control instances
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Jul 3, 2016
May 22, 2016
Merge branch 'release/0.9.1'

@mkeeter mkeeter released this May 22, 2016 · 122 commits to develop since this release

Antimony 0.9.1


This release adds support for nested graphs!

The UI is also rewritten, pretty much from scratch. It implements the same
functionality in fewer lines of code and should be more robust in keeping the
graph and UI synched.

Nested Graphs

You can now add a subgraph by selecting Graph from the Add menu.

In its parent graph, a subgraph looks just like a script node:

Subgraph from parent

The three icons open up

  • The subgraph (as an editable graph)
  • A single 3D viewport showing the subgraph
  • A set of four 3D viewports showing the subgraph

Within the subgraph, you can add Inputs and Outputs from the Add menu.
These inputs and outputs are strongly typed and show up as floating Datums:

Subgraph from parent

Other features:

  • Unified undo / redo framework (should be more robust)
  • Drag / drop targets are now larger (thanks, @awgrover)
  • Local datum looking with self (thanks, @awgrover)


  • Trying to export at resolution 0 now prints an error message
  • Fixed an edge case where undoing a connection didn't restore original text
  • Fixed transparent windows on Wayland (thanks, @ApostolosB)
  • Parsing long expressions doesn't fail
  • Fixed QGestureManager crash (thanks, Qt 5.5)
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May 22, 2016

@mkeeter mkeeter released this Aug 11, 2015 · 434 commits to develop since this release

Antimony 0.9.0


This release has a new f-rep parser and a new graph engine!

Not much has changed on the user-facing side of things, but the internals are much spiffier (and will be easier to build on in the future).

New parser

The f-rep parser has been rewritten by @fros1y to use lemon and flex instead of a homebrew solution.

In this rewrite, a second way of expression math was added: infix notation (a.k.a. the way that most people write math). For example, instead of writing


you can write

=pow(X, 2) + pow(Y, 2) - 1;

The leading = and trailing ; indicate to the parser that this is an infix string.

For examples of this new syntax, check out the [cylinder wrap ( function.

New graph engine

The graph engine has been rewritten from the ground up as a stand-alone library (though its design is optimized for Antimony's use-case). It no longer uses Qt signals and slots (or at all!), preferring the STL and C++11.

There's a slick re-evaluation optimization: when an upstream object changes, the engine properly sequences downstream update calls to minimize the number of times scripts and datums get re-evaluated. In practice, I've seen a 5x speedup on very large graphs.

Breaking changes:

Some of the changes made here are potentially breaking. There's a transparent migration path from older files; feel free to report bugs if it fails for you.


These changes will be find-and-replaced when older files are loaded, so things should Just Work in most cases.

  • fab.ui namespace has been renamed sb.ui
  • meta object (which contains export functions) has been renamed sb.export
  • fab.color object has been renamed sb.color

Graph changes:

It's no longer legal to connect an output datum to an input in the same script. Previously, this was legal (but a bad idea).

Datums of type str must have their expressions quoted. Previously, there was a magic check to auto-quote them if evaluation failed.

Other features:

  • Return key acts like tab when editing datums in an inspector.
  • Unary operators (rotate, scale, etc) preserve shape color.
  • More information is displayed in viewport (thanks, @joshuashort)
  • User data directory is searched for nodes (thanks, @astronouth7303)
  • Gradients are calculated exactly (improves rendering quality).
  • right_triangle now supports negative widths and heights
  • Keyboard arrows (up and down) adjust datum values in inspectors.
  • arctan2 operator is now available in f-reps
  • Fun new nodes: volume-filling gyroids!


  • .sb extension is now added on Linux.
  • UTF-8 is used regardless of locale settings.


Thanks to the following Github users for their contributions, large and small:

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Aug 5, 2015
Aug 2, 2015
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