Swift module for binary search in sorted collections.
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This is a Swift module for binary search in sorted collections. It supports searching for existing elements as well as for the insertion index. There are additional options to specify if you are searching for the first, last, or any of the matching indexes.

All of the following methods assume that the Collection is sorted. The result of calling these methods on an unsorted Collection is undefined.

Basic Usage

If the elements of the Collection conform to the the Comparable protocol, usage is very simple:

let sortedArray = [3,5,7,7,9]

// Search for the index of an existing element:

if let index = sortedArray.binary(search: 5) {

	print("The index is \(index)") // 1

} else {

	print("Not found.")

// Search for the insertion index:

let insertionIndex = sortedArray.binaryInsertion(search: 6)
print("insertionIndex: \(insertionIndex)") // 2

If you need to, you can specify which index should be returned when the array contains a range of matching indexes:

let sortedArray = [3,5,7,7,9]
let index = sortedArray.binary(search: 7, position: .last) // 3
let insertionIndex = sortedArray.binaryInsertion(search: 7, position: .last) // 4

For collections whose elements do not conform to Comparable, you have to specify a comparison block:

struct Person {

	let name: String
	init(_ name: String) {

		self.name = name

let persons: [Person] = [Person("Lucy Diamonds"), Person("Joe Schmoe")]

let index = persons.binary(search: Person("Lucy Diamonds"), comparator: { (person1, person2) -> ComparisonResult in

	if person1.name < person2.name {
		return .orderedAscending
	if person1.name > person2.name {
		return .orderedDescending
	return .orderedSame