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// Michael L. Kelley Jr.
// November 18th 2012
// GitHub Game-Off-2012
Build a game in a month contest.
Branchy the Boa is a game created using HTML5. It is a clone of the game Snake.
Branchy is aimed at younger children to give them an idea about Github and that it exists.
Also useful to novice programmers/beginners to GitHub.
I think that it is important for younger programmers to know about source control
while they are just starting out. It can help them build upon knowledge found in
the vast array of projects/programs found on GitHub.
A browser capable of handling HTML5's capabilities.
Tested in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
Download the latest version of Firefox at:
Speakers to hear embedded audio. Not capable of pausing audio is known. I did this because:
1. GitHub loves their music.
2. I made the tracks custom for the game.
3. I think it meshes well with the game.
Navigate to branchy.html
Control Branchy by using: w, s, a, and d.
To play game:
Game can be found at:
Start by opening branchy.html
Read the 'story' and go from there.
Actual game takes place inside of index.html.
Resources used:
Scanner for hand-drawn snake
GarageBand for making music tracks
Thank you for taking the time to check out my game!
You guys rock!!!
~ Michael L. Kelley Jr.