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Tools for fitting and displaying giant extrasolar planet ring systems.
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J1407 Ring Model

These are Python tools for displaying and fitting giant extrasolar planet ring systems, as detailed in Kenworthy and Mamajek (2015).

If you have git, python and astropy installed, then this should get you editing rings from the J1407b model:

git clone
cd exorings/
python -s 33000. -r 54220.65.try9.33kms.fits -d 54220.65.try9.33kms.fits -o 54220.65.try10.33kms.fits

Explanations on how to use the exorings interface are on the Quick Start page, along with all documentation and discussion on the Exorings wiki.

Citing this code

The code is registered at the ASCL at ascl:1501.012 and should be cited in papers as:

Kenworthy, M.A., 2015, Exorings, Astrophysics Source Code Library, record ascl:1501.012


The code is released under an ISC license, which is functionally equivalent to the BSD 2-clause license but removes some language that is no longer necessary.

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