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Exploring the properties of the Weird Objects of Interest from Wheeler and Kipping (2019)
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WOI Explorer

A simple Notebook looking at the properties of the Weird Objects of Interest (WOI) as identified by Wheeler and Kipping (2019) in their paper "The Weird Detector".

These are periodic brightenings of a few parts in a thousand with periods of tens of days.

One hypothesis is that these are the exospheres of hot Jupiters at high orbital inclination that do not transit the stellar disk, but you are seeing forward scattering from the planet's atmosphere or particle scattering from a larger exosphere. Very reminiscent of the cloud model of Lamers 1997 A&A 328 321, "Beta Pictoris light variations: II. Scattering by a dust cloud".

The data in the included table was generated by looking for the stellar parameters from the Kepler archive.

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