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Commits on Jul 24, 2011
@ddfreyne ddfreyne updated version to 3.2.0 715a8a5
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added release date for 3.2 (oops) b14a85d
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added tag for 3.2.0 8028254
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added stefan buehler to list of contributors e532b6f
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added gemfile 8328f08
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added rake to dependencies 28793e1
@ddfreyne ddfreyne made rdoc filter test be run when rdoc exists fee445d
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added filter dependencies to gemfile 046e5f8
@mkeveney JRuby doesn't support readpartial on file objects. Changed to a simpl…
…e read & seems to be working.

(transplanted from d558c5d6522aff62ecc2cc9cd071c86293cf04be)

extra : transplant_source : %D5X%C5%D6R%2A%FFb%EC%C2%CC%9C%D0q%C8b%93%CF%04%BE
Commits on Jul 26, 2011
@ddfreyne ddfreyne removed useless CACHE e8ed392
@ddfreyne ddfreyne renamed @cache to prevent name clashes 4f658b7
@ddfreyne ddfreyne made #check_availability use systemu (fixes #35) 5a06aa7
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added Matt Keveney to contributors db02d3b
@ddfreyne ddfreyne made @config available in rules DSL (fixes #37) 6a97a74
@ddfreyne ddfreyne fixed options with required arguments b06e00c
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added release notes for 3.2.1 c4f74db
@ddfreyne ddfreyne merged changes from 3.2.x branch
rename : lib/nanoc3.rb => lib/nanoc.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/base/compilation/compiler_dsl.rb => lib/nanoc/base/compilation/compiler_dsl.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/base/compilation/rules_collection.rb => lib/nanoc/base/compilation/rules_collection.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/base/core_ext/pathname.rb => lib/nanoc/base/core_ext/pathname.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/base/memoization.rb => lib/nanoc/base/memoization.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/cli/commands/autocompile.rb => lib/nanoc/cli/commands/autocompile.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/cli/commands/create_item.rb => lib/nanoc/cli/commands/create_item.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/cli/commands/update.rb => lib/nanoc/cli/commands/update.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/cli/commands/view.rb => lib/nanoc/cli/commands/view.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/filters/colorize_syntax.rb => lib/nanoc/filters/colorize_syntax.rb
rename : nanoc3.gemspec => nanoc.gemspec
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added missing attribution in release notes 78969c7
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added support for manually skipping tests f677d5e
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added travis config e81258e
@ddfreyne ddfreyne gave .travis.yml the proper name
rename : .travis.yaml => .travis.yml
@ddfreyne ddfreyne removed lockfile c107008
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added missing version indications to gemfile 526e57a
Commits on Jul 27, 2011
@ddfreyne ddfreyne removed lib from dirs created by filesystem data source a0f5d44
@ddfreyne ddfreyne made error handler private 5ff9d68
@ddfreyne ddfreyne fixed error handling in watch command a1b840f
@ddfreyne ddfreyne completed release notes for 3.2.1 b065f99
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added release date for 3.2.1 6058929
@ddfreyne ddfreyne updated version to 3.2.1 17d18e9
@ddfreyne ddfreyne added tag for 3.2.1 4c8e71c
@ddfreyne ddfreyne merged changes from 3.2.x branch
rename : lib/nanoc3.rb => lib/nanoc.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/cli/commands/watch.rb => lib/nanoc/cli/commands/watch.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/cli/error_handler.rb => lib/nanoc/cli/error_handler.rb
rename : lib/nanoc3/data_sources/filesystem.rb => lib/nanoc/data_sources/filesystem.rb
Matt Keveney Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' 9b097be
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