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Intelligent Bot lets you perform utility and fun stuff (Runnerup - Hack36)


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Jarvis - Bot

Check on Zulip Chat

Intelligently Interactive Bot. Built with Python and Zulip.

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PRs Welcome GitHub Stars Current Version

Intelligent Bot lets you perform utility and fun stuff like games, Built with Python and ZulipChat-Api, Jarvis-Bot is the most feature-rich unofficial ZulipChat Bot that is 100% free.

Check the medium article


Jarvis-Bot holds following features -

  • News based on Keyword
  • Live Sports Score
  • View Lyrics of Songs
  • View Movie Details
  • Weather forecasting
  • Dictionary based search
  • Currency Conversion Viewer
  • Calculator
  • To-Do List
  • NLP based Instant Response
  • Remote Login Via Bot
  • Access file lists of a system via bot
  • View Man Page of any Linux Command Line
  • Games
    • Hangman
    • Scrabble
    • Stone-Paper-Scissor
    • Memory-Game


To deploy Jarvis bot using your local machine as server, follow following steps -

  • Firstly create a zulip organisation on which you want to deploy bot. If you already have one then you may skip this step.
  • Register a new bot user on the Zulip server's web interface.
    • Log in to the Zulip server.
    • Navigate to Settings -> Your bots -> Add a new bot. Select Generic bot for bot type, set both bot-name and bot username to Jarvis and click on Create bot.
    • A new bot user should appear in the Active bots panel.
  • Download the bot's zuliprc configuration file to your computer.
    • Go to Settings -> Your bots
    • In the Active bots panel, click on the little green download icon to download its configuration file zuliprc (the structure of this file is explained here).
  • Make sure sure that your system has following packages installed -
    • enchant (Please make sure your enchant version is <= 1.6.1-2)
    • sshpass (For debian based system install using sudo apt-get install sshpass)
    • aspell-en (For debian based system install using sudo apt-get install aspell-en)
  • Install all required python packages, rum command pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Now we are all set, to run bot enter following command zulip-run-bot <absolute path to file > --config-file <absolute path to downloaded zuliprc file>

Example Usage - zulip-run-bot ~/Projects/JarvisBot/bot/jarvisBot --config-file ~/Projects/JarvisBot/bot/zuliprc

  • You can now finally use power of Jarvis in your organisation.


Latest news :

Song Lyrics :

Popular Trending Movies :

Popular Trending Shows :

Movie Search :

TODO List :

Cricket Scores :

Currency Converter :

Dictionary :

Man Page Of Command :

NLP Based Output :

Calculator :

Hangman Game :


Feel free to send us feedback on Email or file an issue.



  • Feel free to report issues and bugs.It will be helpful for future launches of application.
  • All Suggestions are welcome.
  • Fork repository and Contribute.


We have updated Jarvis Bot and it now uses latest python-zulip-api. Also now all the features of Jarvis bot can be used in both stream as well as private messages.


Thanks to Zulip for providing Zulip Api and Platform.


Intelligent Bot lets you perform utility and fun stuff (Runnerup - Hack36)








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