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The time has come! Banish the ads and declutter the build logs!
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The time has come! Banish the ads and declutter the build logs!

How does it work?

After being installed globally, this module's postinstall script will patch the nodeJS files in such a way that:

  • When npm gets updated, it gets repatched
  • When a module tries to run a postinstall hook for ads, it will silently print it to the debug log


Simply install it globally using npm i -g npm-adblock

You can re-run it at any time using adblock-patch

When you don't notice it, it's working! :)

Otherwise, feel free to open an issue


While I don't hate people asking for funds, there should be an easy and clear opt-out method, like on the web, which I did not find

So I made this instead

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