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Scripts I use to create Docker images, create config, & run containers for RabbitMQ and Zookeeper+Kafka. Nothing fancy, they just work. :)
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Basic infrastructure config to create/run enterprise messaging platforms locally



These are some scripts I use to create, configure, & run RabbitMQ & Apache Kafka on my local machine for live-coding sessions.

This should be obvious, but these scripts/configurations are not intended to be "enterprise grade" and used for production loads! Use them at your own risk. They work great for development and demos, though.

I typically use some or all of these to spin up/down Docker containers in support of my sessions titled "Drinking from the Stream: How to use messaging platforms for scalability & performance" and "Building Reactive Pipelines: How to go from scalable apps to (ridiculously) scalable systems". For related code repos (with links to related slides), please see links at the bottom of this README.

Here is the general order of things to set it up like I use it:

  1. Install Docker on your machine

  2. git clone this repo (or fork, then clone, etc.)

  3. Start Docker

  4. Create the various images & start the associated containers (this must only be done once)

    1. Run the script to create local Rabbit image & run the container

    2. Run the script to create local Zookeeper & Kafka images & run one container of each

  5. Run the script to shut it all down

  6. For subsequent startup/shutdown of these containers, simply run & to start/stop

The start/stop scripts are simply convenience scripts that do a docker start / docker stop of existing local containers.

I use the RabbitMQ image that includes the RabbitMQ management console. This is really useful for monitoring & managing your Rabbit config (exchanges, queues, pushing test messages into, extracting from, purging, etc.).

And of course, you can watch this repo to be notified of updates. Thanks!

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