A Quick Search Box plugin for using Monocle search engines.
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Monocle Plugin for Google QSB

A Google Quick Search Box plugin to enable access to your Monocle search engines.

Download the plugin: http://github.com/mkhl/monocle.hgs/downloads


  • Hit you QSB keyboard shortcut.
  • Type the (partial) name or callword of any search engines you have configured in Monocle.
  • Select the matching object from the result list
  • Tab into it.
  • Type a phrase to search for with that engine.
  • Hit enter to perform the search.


After extracting the plugin, you will find a bundle called Monocle.hgs. Copy this bundle to ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Quick Search Box/PlugIns, then restart QSB.

If you built the plugin from source (described below), you will find the Monocle.hgs bundle in your build directory.


Building this plugin requires that you set up two source trees in Xcode. You will have to have the QuickSearchBox source tree downloaded to your machine. Instructions on getting the QSB source tree can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/qsb-mac/source/checkout

To set up the source trees in Xcode:

  1. Go to "Xcode>Preferences" and click on the "Source Trees" icon.
  2. Click on the "Plus" button on the left hand side of the window.
  3. Set the "Setting Name" of your new tree to QSBBUILDROOT
  4. Set the "Display Name" to QSBBUILDROOT
  5. Set the path to the debug build directory for QSB. For me the path looks like this ~/src/QuickSearchBox/QSB/build/Debug. If you use a common build directory or some other customized build location, you will have to set it here.
  6. Click on the "Plus" button again
  7. Set the "Setting Name" of your new tree to QSBSRCROOT
  8. Set the "Display Name" to QSBSRCROOT
  9. Set the path to the root directory for QSB. For me the path looks like this ~/src/QuickSearchBox.

The plugin should now build cleanly.

You should only have to add the source trees to Xcode the first time you build a QSB plugin.

If you are developing plugins, please join our mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/qsb-mac-dev