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Thor is a Ruby scripting framework that replaces rake and sake, by Yehuda Katz. Further information and source code are available from GitHub, documentation can be found at rdoc.info.

This bundle provides basic syntax highlighting for Thor on top of the Ruby grammar and a few useful snippets for your Thor files.


  • class … < Thor … end
    Create a command line utility by subclassing Thor.
    Tab Trigger: thor

  • include Thor::Actions
    Include the convenience methods from Thor::Actions.
    Tab Trigger: tacs

  • def … end
    Create a command line task by defining a method in a Thor subclass, including a description and, optionally, option parsing.
    Tab Trigger: task

  • map …
    Map an identifier to a specific task.
    Tab Trigger: map

  • desc …
    Add a description and usage information to the following task.
    Tab Trigger: desc

  • method_option …
    Add a single option to the following task.
    Tab Trigger: opt

  • method_options …
    Add multiple options to the following task.
    Tab Trigger: opts