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Export TM_* Variables to Terminal.tmCommand



defines a TextMate command called Export TM_* Variables to Terminal. This command replicates the environment of the running TextMate instance and injects it into a shell inside, together with some supporting functionality. This setup creates a first approximation to a “TextMate REPL”, which may be useful for debugging your own bundles or semi-related stuff, e.g. for testing how commands would run with Rubinius as TM_RUBY.

All of this could be done from within TextMate itself, but I thought some people might prefer using their shell directly. I certainly do. ;-)


This project’s current incarnation contains a single .tmCommand file which can be installed simply by double-clicking it.

To install it from your shell:

  • cd to some directory, say ~/Downloads
  • git clone git://
  • open "tm-terminal/Export TM_* Variables to Terminal.tmCommand"