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Web Development Hackathon for UWB Hacks the Internet April 19,2019

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Team Members:

  • Alex Young - Team documentation and data gatherer
  • Kevin Hsu - Hosted the VS code, found .Json libraries
  • Will Nelson - Developed the React and js code base for visualizing the geolocation data
  • Jarod Guerrero - made a a ReactJS Nav bar and learned a lot about js and react code
  • Daniel Yan - Developed React and .js code base for visualization and the color coding for income levels


  • Used ReactJS for the frontend, primarily the React-Leaflet library and VS Code Liveshare for team collaboration.
  • Cross-platform webpage with nice display
  • Used OpenStreetMap API to display the entire world map and have scaleable Google Maps-type map depiction.
  • Using .json libraries from and King County API's our team created a website that shows income levels by zipcode.
  • Used multiple .js, .css, and .html files to create a website
  • This website represented data of income across every zipcode in King County
  • Also worked on correlating college tuition to median income levels in each zipcode in King County


  • The team worked very hard for over 12 hours in this rigorous hackathon
  • There were multiple breaks for different workshops and we all gained a lot of knowledgs and experience working in teams
  • Only a couple of us knew each other but we were able to collaborate effectively to create a fucntioning and practical website
  • This Website can be used by students that will help them pick which area to live in based on median income and the related tuition costs
  • The project came down to the wire but we were able to finish and present to the rest of the Hackathon members
  • In the future we hope to expand this project to wider area but the amount of data we were sorting through and trying to find slowed us down immensely.
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