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tojson: JSON.stringify
fromjson: JSON.parse
ctr: window.webkitNotifications
controls: -> $("#controls *")
disable: (controls) -> controls.attr "disabled", "disabled"
enable: (controls) -> controls.removeAttr "disabled"
notify: (title, text)->
if ctr.checkPermission() is 0
notification: ctr.createNotification(null, title, text)
announce: (text) ->
new_msg: $("<div>").addClass("announcement").text(text)
$('#chatwindow').append new_msg
message: (you, msg) ->
if not you then notify "Stranger", msg
prefix: if you then "You:" else "Stranger:"
prefix_class: if you then "mymessage" else "strangermessage"
new_msg: $("<div>").addClass("announcement").
$('#chatwindow').append new_msg
handle_message: (data) ->
switch data.type
when "connect"
enable controls()
announce "You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hey!"
when "disconnect"
disable controls()
announce "disconnected :("
when "message"
message, data.msg
$(document).ready ->
disable controls()
switch ctr?.checkPermission()
when 1, 2 then ctr.requestPermission notify
socket: new io.Socket null, {rememberTransport: false, port: 80}
console.log socket
socket.send tojson {'type': 'wantpartner'}
socket.addEvent 'message', (data) -> handle_message fromjson data
$('#disconnectbtn').click ->
socket.send tojson {'type': 'wantdisconnect'}
$('#sendbtn').click ->
if $('#textarea').val().length > 0
socket.send tojson {'type': 'message', 'msg': $('#textarea').val()}