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Sketches for Kinect v2 with Processing
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Sketches for Processing 3 with Kinect v2. They require the KinectPV2 library by Thomas Lengeling.

I developed these sketches for my course Interaction Engineering at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, as explained in my Kinect chapter (German) of my course notes.


This sketch allows you to record a piece of motion by hitting the ENTER key (once for starting, once more for stopping). You can playback your recording with the SPACE key. There can only be one motion sequence stored at any time.

You can save the recording to disk by hitting 'S' and load it again with 'L'. The data will be written to a file called 'recording.txt' in the folder of this sketch.

Screenshot KinectRecorder

Screenshot 2 KinectRecorder

(c) 2018 Michael Kipp

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