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import os
import subprocess
import binhex
import binascii
class Spotify:
def tell(self, verb):
verbs = ('play', 'pause', 'skip')
if not verb in verbs:
raise Exception('Invalid verb %s' % verb)
if verb == 'skip':
verb = 'next track'
def isPlaying(self):
out = self._get('player state').strip()
print out
return out == 'playing'
def getTrackName(self):
return self._get('name of current track')
def getTrackArtist(self):
return self._get('artist of current track')
def louder(self):
current = self.getVolume()
self.setVolume(current + 10)
def quieter(self):
current = self.getVolume()
self.setVolume(current - 10)
def getVolume(self):
settings = self._exec('get volume settings')
return int(settings.split(':')[1].split(',')[0])
def setVolume(self, value):
if (value > 100):
raise Exception('invalid value %d' % (value))
if (value < 0):
raise Exception('too low value %d' % (value))
self._exec('set volume output volume %d' % (value))
def getArt(self):
raw = self._get('artwork of current track')
binary = binascii.a2b_hex(raw[11:-3])
f = open('/tmp/whatever.tiff', 'w')
subprocess.Popen(('convert', '/tmp/whatever.tiff',
jpg = open('/tmp/whatever.jpg')
ret =
return ret
def _get(self, thing):
things = (
'artwork of current track',
'player state',
'artist of current track',
'name of current track',
return self._exec('tell application "Spotify" to set foo to %s' % (thing))
def _tell(self, verb):
self._exec('tell application "Spotify" to %s' % (verb))
def _exec(self, script):
args = ('osascript', '-e', script)
sp = subprocess.Popen(args, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
return sp.stdout.readline()