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gimme-add(1) -- Add a new package definition

gimme add

This command lets you specifiy alternate packages, that are not originally referenced on or

The sources for added packages can be on the local disk, or as a remote with a github repository.

The add command will prompt for various information about the package to create:

  • name Package name. The name will be used along gimme install once created.

  • description: Mid to long description for the package.

  • version: Package version.

  • homepage: Project websites. Used with gimme docs.

  • keywords Comma separated list of keywords.

  • repo: Source repository on github, in the form of user/repository.

  • source: Space separated list of glob patterns from within the source repository.

  • repositories Used with gimme readme.

    • type: Defaults to git.
    • url: The remote git repo url.
  • dir Output directory. This defaults to js/libs but you might want to have these files installed in some other location, eg. css/ for stylesheets.

Post install scripts

The --postinstall option may be used to setup a script to run on completion. This can be used to further process the files that were installed during gimme install.

This can be handy to handle files meant to be run through pre-processors, like CoffeeScript, Less, Stylus or Saas.

Scripts are valid commonjs module that provides a new plugin definition. These can be a single file or a node module. Each method is passed the app object (gimme) and callback to invoke to pass control over.

var postinstall = module.exports;

postinstall.init = function(app, cb) {
  // initialization logic, should you need it. called before
  // `install` command
}; = function(app, cb) {
  // get some info on what have been installed
  var installed = app.get('installed');

  // installed:
  //    - pkg: package info, with name, description, version, etc.
  //    - files: Array of files that have been installed, relative to $cwd
  //      (eg. ['js/libs/jquery.min.js', 'js/libs/jquery.js']




  • Type: String

Path to postinstall script to run on completion. This can be aboslute or relative to current workind directly.


  • Type: Boolean
  • Default: false

If the package name already exists, an additional prompt confirmation happens. --force let you skip this step and force the replace.

prompt overrides

The add command prompts for user inputs for a bunch of information, one may want to override some if not all of these values.

--name, --description, --version, --homepage, --keywords, --repo, --source, --repository-type and --repository-url are all options that can be passed in as command-line options.

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