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Get help on grunt

Getting Started

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's grunt.js gruntfile with: npm install grunt-help

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile:



A significant amount of effort have been put into setting up a comprehensive and most excellent documentation on grunt usage, tasks and API.

This task embraces this shiny new docs to provide an handy grunt help task.

It takes term to search for an appropriate page in the grunt docs. A term should match a doc page, minus extension. Alternately, many term could be provided, such as help:api:config which is the equivalent of using help:api_config.


In your gruntfile:

viewer: 'man', // or browser, or stdout.
browser: 'open', // or google-chrome

If either viewer or browser are not set in grunt config, then npm config values are used instead.

$ npm config get viewer
$ npm config set viewer browser

$ npm config get browser
$ npm config set browser google-chrome

Possible values for viewer are: man, browser or stdout.


When viewer=browser, then the browser config value is used to open the appropriate HTML page in your browser.


When viewer=man, then the documentation is displayed as manpage. The conversion is done directly from markdown files (in grunt installed location, either it is locally or globally), thanks to @kapouer's ronnjs and dipslayed via man executable.


When viewer=stdout, the documentation content is displayed directly in the console, in its raw format - markdown.


$ grunt help
 grunt help
 grunt help:page

 » grunt help:api
 » grunt help:api_config
 » grunt help:api_fail
 » grunt help:api_file
 » grunt help:api_log
 » grunt help:api_task
 » grunt help:api_template
 » grunt help:api_utils
 » grunt help:contributing
 » grunt help:example_gruntfiles
 » grunt help:exit_codes
 » grunt help:faq
 » grunt help:getting_started
 » grunt help:helpers_directives
 » grunt help:plugins
 » grunt help:README
 » grunt help:task_concat
 » grunt help:task_init
 » grunt help:task_lint
 » grunt help:task_min
 » grunt help:task_qunit
 » grunt help:task_server
 » grunt help:toc
 » grunt help:types_of_tasks

$ npm config get viewer

$ grunt help:api
GRUNT-API.MD(1)                                                                 GRUNT-API.MD(1)

NAME -- documentation for

       Grunt  homepage | Documentation table of contents
       Grunt exposes all of its methods and properties on the grunt object that gets passed into the

$ npm config set viewer browser
Running "help:api" (help) task

Opening in default browser: open