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Collection of growing Grunt plugins and utilities
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Collection of growing Grunt plugins and utilities

I'll probably create a bunch of grunt plugins. Instead of creating a new repo for each one, this repository keeps track of these.


The master branch is my actual "grunt user dir" (~/.grunt/ on poxis, %USERPROFILE/.grunt/ on windows) and keeps track of additional tasks, plugins and init templates I use in my setup.

Each plugin has it's own repo, and is managed in a separate branch. This is very much like if they were managed each in their own repository (thanks to npm's ability to express dependencies with giturl or tarball)

  • Most will be total crap.

  • Some may be useful.

  • Some may be published to npm.

For further information on plugins configuration / usage, explore the branches and navigate through the repository, each plugin should have its own documentation (even a very basic one)

How it works

The master branch is defining a basic package.json, with dependencies to each of the grunt plugins that are used.

They may or may not be in npm's repository. In either case, npm install will work the same.


$ git clone ~/.grunt
$ cd ~/.grunt/
$ npm install
$ grunt --help


  • grunt-help: Get help on grunt. A task to add some help output ability to grunt built-in tasks, or your own one. Has support for browser, man and stdout viewers.

  • grunt-impress: Generates impress.js presentation from raw markdown files

  • grunt-fetch: A simple task to fetch a given github repository into a local folder. Project tarball is downloaded / unziped / untared to a local folder, in a single raw stream.

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