static site generator writen in node designed to work with gollum wikis
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h5bp documentation generator

A static site generator written in node. It's lyke Jehyll but somewhat simpler and more focused. takes a src folder, runs it through Markdown and generates for each markdown file (.md, .mkd, .markdown) a complete, static website.

The main purpose of this tiny utility is to work nicely with github wikis (gollum). Running it through this program will generate a static website suitable for serving with Apache or any other web server.

Quick start

cd h5bp-docs
npm link

npm link will install dependencies defined in package.json and create a globally-installed symbolic link from package-name (h5bp-docs for now) to the current folder.


usage: h5bp-docs [options]

  --config          Path to a local configuration files, used intead of h5bp-docs/conf/config.js as defaults
  --verbose         Enable verbose output
  --server          Start a static connect server once generation done
  --src             Source folder where markdown files to process are stored
  --dest            Destination folder, place where the generated files will land
  --layout          layout file used to generate each files, using {{ content }} placeholder
  --baseurl         Let you define a prefixed value for each generated href
  -v, --version     display package version
  -h, --help        You're staring at it


mkdir test-docs
cd test-docs
git clone git:// wikis/project
h5bp-docs --src wikis/project --dest docs --verbose

append --server flag to start a static server that will host the generated directory. --baseurl allows you to change the location where you'd like to test things locally (localhost:4000/docs/ or localhost:4000/wikis/ for example)


The following is a list of the currently supported configuration options. These can all be specified by creating a config.js (a bacic commonjs module) file in the site’s root directory. There are also flags for the h5bp executable which are described below next to their respective configuration options. The order of precedence for conflicting settings is:

  • Command-line flags
  • Local configuration file settings (--config path/to/config.js)
  • Defaults (conf/config.js)
  // --server, when set to true, will start a connect static server once generation is done
  server: false,
  // server port used if --server flag provided
  port: 4000,
  // destination folder, place where pages are generated
  dest: "./dest",
  // a single layout files with {{{ content }}} placeholder
  layout: "./index.html",
  // Use a custom layout for MyCustom and TOC.
  // Don't include the extension when specifying the file names.
  customLayout: {'MyCustom': './custom.html',
                 'TOC':  './toc.html'},
  // allowed extensions, all other files are ignored 
  ext: ['md', 'markdown', 'mkd'],
  // Exclude some paths/directories. This is a list of JS regular expressions.
  exclude: [/hidden\.dir/, /.*\.hide\.md/],
  // How to replace the {{{ edit }}} placeholder. Must contain ":filename" somewhere.
  edit: '<a class="edit-page" href="">Edit this page</a>',
  // baseurl, only used with --server flag. ex: docs
  baseurl: '',
  // Enable verbose output (defaults false)
  verbose: false

editing files

The program uses the default files in public/ folder, you can either edit them directly or use the layout and assets options.

  • layout: path to a mustache template file.

The templates get the followings data to process:

Mustache.to_html(layout, {
  baseurl: config.baseurl,
  title: file.title,
  content: output, //file content
  files: files //files array, with href and title props
  • assets: the assets folder that gets copied to /public/.


as defined in package.json

  • findit:0.1.0
  • github-flavored-markdown: 1.0.0
  • connect: 1.5.1
  • mustache: 0.3.1-dev
  • optimist: 0.2.5
  • seq: 0.3.5
  • wordwrap: 0.0.2

syntax highlighting done thanks to prettify