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mklabs commented Mar 28, 2012


  • add versionning / changelog
  • port to grunt 0.3 | #16
  • package as a grunt plugin | #17
  • udpate docs with latest changes and new tasks help / init / html #20
  • gruntfile task loading needs to be put in tasks/ dir | #22
  • html min task | #23
    • right now only aggressive minification (but options can be overriden with html.options )
    • add three "level" of minification: compress (default), buildkit and basics.
  • img task, .jpg through jpegtran, .png through optipng. | #25
  • build targets / env #21
  • slightly more test (checking original files are untouched, etc.)
  • staging/output config: Remove the hacky staging/output dir workaround in config| #26
  • Better handling of jsdom dependency.

If plugin is installed locally, have the user manually install the dep.

first time dom task is run -> print user message to install jsdom if not yet done

If plugin installed globally, more problematic. still have to figure out how to do this.



paulirish commented Apr 20, 2012

manifest generation could be done via


mklabs commented Apr 20, 2012

Ohhh yeah, definitely in my todo list. grunt has built-in support and good examples of tasks on how to drive phantomjs, so I guess this could be nicely integrated. Added! (for next version)

Munter commented May 20, 2012

Have you guys had a look at ?
You seem to be planning pretty much the same features, so it might be beneficial to take a look at it, especially if you are going for a dom-based build.


mklabs commented May 20, 2012

@Munter Yep, I stumbled across Love the project, the approach of taking the dom as the primary source of information is really great and has immense potential. I just have a few issues with jsdom right now, especially for windows users.

Keep up the good work. The dom-based build may benefit from your excellent work.

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