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nimbupani opened this Issue Jun 3, 2012 · 2 comments

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The ant build script had a task that would split the original css file into 4 or 5 separate css files and replace the style.css with @ imports from all of these newly separated files.

It would be nice to recreate this in this build script too, and avoid issues like


Thanks for opening the issue. I'll see what I can do.

I wonder if it should be the default in what generate the init task, or if should be added as an additional prompt step in the wizard/init task.

Something like:

/* =========================================================================
   CSS App imports.

   These imports are inlined and minified by the build script. If
   you don't intend to use a build script, do not use @import
   ========================================================================== */

@import url('h5bp.css');
@import url('app.css');

with h5bp.css probably split into the same 4 or 5 separate css files than the ant build script.


Definitely not default. Additional prompt step would be great! The CSS file already has markers to help this split (/*=!=…).

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