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tar.js output config.output clashes with mkdirs output.

can i suggest a minor change.

tar.js - line 26 var input = grunt.option('tar.input') || grunt.config('tar.input'),
tar.js - line 27 output = grunt.option('tar.output') || grunt.config('tar.output'),

meaning that the config looks like:

tar: {
input: '',
output: ''



i did not label this "bug", im not sure how!

mklabs commented Sep 12, 2012

Hi Ian,

Patches welcome! You're true, it should be grunt.config('tar.input');. (especially since it's commented that way... https://github.com/h5bp/node-build-script/blob/master/tasks/tar.js#L19 it is definitely supposed to be read from tar.input and tar.output)

I'm just not sure about grunt.option('tar.input'), since it's reading values from cli flags, and that it feels weird to use something like --tar.input path/to/input. Probably, we can go with just input and output for options but use tar.input and tar.output when reading from grunt config.

mklabs commented Jan 14, 2013

tar output needs rewrite, or use an existing plugin.

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