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@ekryski ekryski Updated usemin (markdown) Nov 13, 2012 0715a86
@ekryski ekryski Updated the links to the repo for npm installing. Nov 13, 2012 05761d8
@roblarsen roblarsen rake script no longer maintained. Aug 28, 2012 2d4dfc5
nimbupani Updated Task - server (markdown) Aug 7, 2012 0d1c630
nimbupani Updated Tasks (markdown) Aug 7, 2012 f15fc61
@mklabs mklabs usemin - note on the necessity to match the build blocks to grunt config - path to optimized file in a block should match the output of relevant tasks such as css, concat and min (or rjs) Jul 15, 2012 20e4f38
@mklabs mklabs Update usemin / mkdirs tasks and copy helper doc - subtarget value is now meaningful in usemin config - document fstream-ignore and build ignore files - exclude is not used anymore Jul 15, 2012 8eed1ac
@jakobloekke jakobloekke Typo May 29, 2012 f89f151
@jakobloekke jakobloekke Typo May 29, 2012 f05a48c
@paulirish paulirish bump May 6, 2012 1fde538
@jonogould jonogould Updated Overview (markdown) May 3, 2012 65dec04
@danheberden danheberden Updated Overview (markdown) May 3, 2012 9bdce94
@mklabs mklabs update node version 0.6.x is ok Apr 28, 2012 0871644
@mklabs mklabs typo Apr 14, 2012 84ff15d
@mklabs mklabs update to serve task page Apr 14, 2012 4966ab9
@mklabs mklabs fixing the link on home page Apr 13, 2012 0586692
@mklabs mklabs udpates to home page Apr 12, 2012 42e11c3
@mklabs mklabs more template / styles updates Apr 8, 2012 dbe4645
@mklabs mklabs add prefix to css link Apr 8, 2012 eba1b61
@mklabs mklabs rm the bin, in parent repo Apr 8, 2012 20e0d9f
@mklabs mklabs adding template & styles, plus the bin to generate or serve the docs Apr 8, 2012 1933cc6
@mklabs mklabs minor update to test page Apr 7, 2012 fca1a08
@mklabs mklabs minor updates to rev/usemin pages Apr 7, 2012 09630e5
@mklabs mklabs min task page update Apr 7, 2012 ef068a2
@mklabs mklabs concat task page update Apr 7, 2012 be04644
@mklabs mklabs mkdirs task page update Apr 7, 2012 ed50de0
@mklabs mklabs clean task page update Apr 7, 2012 e0b94f7
@mklabs mklabs moving tasks index to ./tasks Apr 7, 2012 96df6aa
@mklabs mklabs dom page update Apr 7, 2012 a0ea02c
@mklabs mklabs adding doc for script dom plugin Apr 7, 2012 f5d1d55