Lightweight bag of Vim utilities for Backbone - snipmate snippets, templates and omnicompletion
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Latest commit c141fb8 May 13, 2012 @mklabs Add generate / scafolding commands, templates based on snippets syntax
Basically placeholders are parsed to determine which values are going to
be prompted. Once done (prompts done), the according directory is
created (routers, views or models, todo: this should be configurable),
and a new buffer is created with the content of the existsting file (if
any), or creates a new one (a simple :edit ./pathto/file.js).

The template content is then appended to the current buffer.

:BRouter, :BModel, :BCollection, :BView and :BGenerate (the later is the
actual generation command, others are simple wrappers to :BGenerate)

vim backbone

Collection of Backbone VIM snippets and templates.


Install for pathogen

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://


work in progess

What it does

vim helpfile generated from (:h backbone)

Backbone helptags

Snipmates snippets. When filetype is set to javascript, type view<tab>, model<tab> or router<tab>

In insert mode, in a file where filetype=javascript, typing view followed by <tab> will expand to the following snippet:

var MyView = Backbone.View.extend({
  el: '',
  tagName: '',

  events: {


  initialize: function () {


  render: function () {


Hitting tab again will iterate through snippets placeholders. See :h snipMate and :h snipMate-placeholders for more infos.

Backbone specific omnicompleter.

:h new-omni-completion.

This could also be called "intellisense", but that is a trademark.

Should auto-complete whenever the text in front of the cursor includes a model (this.model triggers the match). Same for collection, router and view.

It works by inspecting the Backbone.Model.prototype object when completing against a match that triggers model completion. It's not as accurate as it would be in your devtool but should be pretty close.

Use CTRL-X CTRL-U in Insert mode to start the completion, when the cursor in in front of the following:


The plugin also map the <C-Space> (Ctrl+space) to trigger the same omnicompletion.

In insert mode, in a file where filetype=javascript, typing modelor model. followed by either Ctrl+X Ctrl+U or Ctrl+Space will pop the following menu:

Backbone model omnicompleter

What it should do

  • vim templates on BufNewFile. Should this be node-based with mustache like templates, and intelligently parse current filepath / app structure to know which template it should use (eg. opening a new file with something like */models/* or a filename with model in it should trigger the model template.

  • Ease navigation of the Backbone directory structure. eg. easy jumping between files, like model to test, view to template, template to helper, etc.

  • Enhanced syntax highlighting, should this be useful

  • Scripts wrapper around the scripts in the script directory of the Backbone app. A limited amount of completion should be supported

  • Possibly integration and wrappers to build tool

  • should have special logic / behaviour if a spec/ or test/ directory is detected.

  • Commands to generate things. a :Bgenerate model Foo should create a foo controller and edits app/model/foo.js, optionally would be nice to have the matching test generated app/test/foo.js with basic assertions.