issues.vim: A plugin to quickly navigate through issues of a GitHub repository
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issues.vim is a plugin to quickly navigate through issues of a GitHub repository


View the quick codestream intro

quickfix window with a list of opened issues

GhIssues command

preview issue



This plugin defines a single command :GhIssue. Edit a buffer within a git repo to make it available (and git config remote.origin.url should point to a GitHub repo)

You can then quickly navigate through the opened issue by hitting:

  • <Enter> in the quickfix window to show the given issue body and comments
  • q to close the preview window and reopen the quickfix list.
  • o in both list and preview window would open the given issue on GitHub

That's pretty much all it does.. Maybe some more github-buddy related things will be added, probably to do the same on public / private gists. Or maybe something to navigate github repositories from within a buffer.


fugitive is required for this plugin to work. It's used to guess the repo for the current buffer and init the plugin functionality on User Fugitive event.

node is required as well, it should be installed and available in your path. Parts of this plugin functionnality is delegated to a basic node script (to request the github api mainly).

If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend installing pathogen.vim, and then simply git clone this repo at ~/.vim/bundle/vim-issues

What it does

When editing a buffer within a git repo, running :GhIssues will open the quickfix window with the list of opened issues.

Buffer specific mappings are available:

  • Hitting <Enter> will open the issue below the cursor in a preview window.

  • Hitting o will open the issue below the cursor in default browser.

Hitting <Enter> on the third line switch the quickfix window to a preview buffer, with extended informations about the given issue including issue body and loading comments if there are.

The window is resized to maximum height by default.

Same here, buffer specific mappings are defined:

  • Just like in the quickfix window, hitting o will open the issue thread in a web browser

  • Hitting q will close the preview window and switch back to the issue listing.