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If you're new to Yeoman and have been invited to contribute to the codebase or participate in discussions, welcome to the project!

What is Yeoman?

Yeoman is an open source project by Google which defines an opinionated stack for web application development. It includes a golden bundle of tools and frameworks, provided with documentation and authority. Our aim is to help developers quickly build beautiful web apps. For more details on project features, see yeoman.io.

Who are we targeting?

Medium to advanced JavaScript developers who have already started with client side MVC/MVVP/MVVM. Flex/Flash devs and Native mobile devs are secondary audience with the goal to demonstrate a comparable HTML5 webapp development environment.

What are we aiming to deliver with V1?

Yeoman V1 will include new webapp project creation tools with recommended file structures and a Grunt based customizable command line build tool. Yeoman V1 will also attempt to integrate with Twitter's (yet to be released) Bower project which provides package hosting service and unified API to access packages. Our target is to have a stable V1 out by the end of July.

The current tickets we're targeting for this release can be found here. The backlog completed for Google I/O can be found here.

Who is involved?

The Chrome Developer relations team and select external contributors from the community.


Paul Irish driving the project Addy Osmani leading the development of the CLI and Docs Eric Bidelman working on Insight (Yeoman analytics and logging)

External Contributors:

Sindre Sorhus Mickael Daniel

who are both helping greatly with pushing development of the CLI and other aspects of the project forward.


Interested in helping out? Great. We welcome any and all contributions to the project and our style-guidelines can be found in the project README.

Please note that Yeoman is an opinionated workflow by choice and as such, we want to focus on delivering a solid user experience with as little overall bloat as possible. Before beginning any large pieces of work, feel free to open up an issue for discussion where we can talk through whether a feature fits in well with the overall project direction.

Please also note that until Yeoman has been officially launched, this project should be considered in a private state. We would ask that contributors respect this by not sharing project code or blogging/writing/screencasting about unreleased portions of project code unless done so by the core team. Features and implementations are subject to change and we would like to ensure that any additional features shown externally are done so with prior consent from the team. Thanks for understanding!

A note on repos

The Yeoman org has a number of repos. This one is for the main project codebase, yeoman/yeoman.io contains the site content designed by B-Reel as well as the current holding page (the content of which can be seen on http://yeoman.io). Should you require access to other repos, feel free to ask Paul or Addy and we'll sort that out.

That's about it. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help.