Documents that we use at Fancy Ventures to quickly start, develop & market a new project
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#Fancy Project Playbook These are some documents that we use at Fancy Ventures to quickly start, develop & market a new project.

Team communication

We use Slack with following extensions. All bots are pushing messages in our #notifications channel so all other channels don´t get distracted.

Customer support

  • Best solution we found so far: Smooch! Connect FB Messenger, web chat, email etc with Slack
  • (Just) Talk with visitors on your website:

Knowledge Management

Write every process you learned/developed down if it´s like that someone has to repeat these steps.

  • offers a nice web app and browser extension to easly access and manage knowledge


We use Toggl which is free for teams up to 5 people. It has a web version, mobile apps and a Trello/Chrome extension

TODO tools

We use Trello with these (default) boards and a Toggle integration

  • "New -> Uncategorized": for new incomming, unsorted tasks
  • Timeline: working packages for each new update/mile stone as single cards with sub checklists


For Version control we use Git with and with Git Flow as a branching model:



see and