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import unittest
_TESTSTR = '0123456789-abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz-'
def _generate_test_string(length):
Returns a string of `length` characters, constructed by repeating _TESTSTR as necessary.
To enhance performance, there are 3 ways data is read, based on the length of the value, so most data types are
tested with 3 lengths. This function helps us generate the test data.
We use a recognizable data set instead of a single character to make it less likely that "overlap" errors will
be hidden and to help us manually identify where a break occurs.
if length <= len(_TESTSTR):
return _TESTSTR[:length]
c = (length + len(_TESTSTR)-1) / len(_TESTSTR)
v = _TESTSTR * c
return v[:length]
class TestBase(unittest.TestCase):