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typedef unsigned short ODBCCHAR;
// I'm not sure why, but unixODBC seems to define SQLWCHAR as wchar_t even with
// the size is incorrect. So we might get 4-byte SQLWCHAR on 64-bit Linux even
// though it requires 2-byte characters. We have to define our own type to
// operate on.
enum {
class SQLWChar
// An object designed to convert strings and Unicode objects to SQLWCHAR,
// hold the temporary buffer, and delete it in the destructor.
Py_ssize_t len;
bool owns_memory;
pch = 0;
len = 0;
owns_memory = false;
SQLWChar(PyObject* o);
bool Convert(PyObject* o);
void Free();
void dump();
// operator SQLWCHAR*() { return (SQLWCHAR*)pch; }
// operator const SQLWCHAR*() const { return (const SQLWCHAR*)pch; }
SQLWCHAR* get() { return (SQLWCHAR*)pch; }
// The ODBC headers are not const clean. Don't use this to modify data
// since we are not actually pointing to a buffer of SQLWCHARs.
const SQLWCHAR* get() const { return (const SQLWCHAR*)pch; }
operator bool() const { return pch != 0; }
Py_ssize_t size() const { return len; }
ODBCCHAR* operator[] (Py_ssize_t i)
I(i <= len); // we'll allow access to the NULL?
return &pch[i];
const ODBCCHAR* operator[] (Py_ssize_t i) const
I(i <= len); // we'll allow access to the NULL?
return &pch[i];
// Allocate a new Unicode object, initialized from the given SQLWCHAR string.
PyObject* PyUnicode_FromSQLWCHAR(const SQLWCHAR* sz, Py_ssize_t cch);
SQLWCHAR* SQLWCHAR_FromUnicode(const Py_UNICODE* pch, Py_ssize_t len);
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