Automatically use Let's Encrypt certificates with a HostEurope WebPack
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Michael Klemme
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Automatically use Let's Encrypt certificates with a HostEurope WebPack

HostEurope has closed down the interface to automatically upload certificates. There is currently no alternative known for this. Please let me know if you found a new interface.


I have a WebPack hosting package at HostEurope. They allow uploading certificates like the ones from Let's Encrypt, but there is no automation for the Let's Encrypt renewal. I have now created a script that automates the process. It runs on my Linux computer at home and organizes the process.


I did this a while ago, so let me know if you find the procedure does not work for you!

Modify the attached to contain variables for your situation. Set its permissions to 700 to protect your passwords: chmod 700

Get getssl to communicate with Let's Encrypt.

Call ./getssl -w . -c to set up


Modify the file that has been created in the last step.

Set additional domains as needed


In each web domain, create the directory .well-known/acme-challenge

For the base domain, and each additional domain, create a line in ACL. Add the path to the domain's .well-known/acme-challenge as last parameter.


Store the produced certificates in the current folder

DOMAIN_CHAIN_LOCATION="domainchain.crt" # this is the domain cert and CA cert

Use the attached Perl Program to upload the certificates to the server


Run it

If all goes right, you just need to enter the directory and call ./

This can also be done as a cron job:

 23 5 * * * cd xxxxxx; ./ >> log


Check if you can log into KIS with the credentials

Open this URL in your browser

KIS_KDNUMMER is not the Customer Number, as the name suggests, but the login name to KIS

Let me know if this works out for you!