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Lastfm_pcget is a simple plugin that fetches currently playing tracks playcount from last.fm and saves it according to preferences. It DOES NOT fetch the whole library, only the one song that is currently playing.

** User Settings **

Your last.fm username is required to use this plugin.

** Behaviour settings **

1) last.fm correction

When correction checking is enabled, plugin silently checks every track for possible correction. When it finds one, it logs it to database waiting for user to handle it. You can see amount of tracks in plugin preferences (X corrections noted). 'Show corrections' will launch dialog window where you see every suggestion for correction. There are two important buttons:

* Hide Selected

Hides selected suggestions from list and puts them on ban-file, so you won't see them ever again. If you wish to see/edit banfile it's called 'lastfm_corrections.banned' in gmusicbrowsers config directory.

* Correct selected

This option permanently replaces selected files' tags with last.fm suggestion. There is no undo, so be careful.

2) last.fm playcount

First option is quite simple - you can choose whether plugin always sets last.fm playcount, or if it differs from local playcount, you can select either to set biggest or lowest. If your track doesn't have playcount it will be treated as zero.

The second option is more interesting. One difficulty in this plugin is that user may have in their library many songs from same artist, with exact same title. Since last.fm doesn't concern from which album track was played this behaviour comes ultimately down to users preference. 

* Only set current song

Quite simply, this does not care about other tracks with same artist/title - combination.

* Split values evenly

This finds all songs that are similar to playing, and divides playcount evenly amongst them.

* Set every tracks playcount separately

This finds all songs with same artist/title and sets playcount according to First option. It handles all songs separately, so it might not change every one of them.
Example: You have Song a on records A and B. Playcount for a in A is 10, in B it's 3. In last.fm it has been played 8 times. Now, if you have set 'set biggest value' from first and 'set all songs' from second option, plugin will set 8 to track from record B, but leave 10 from A. Works similarly with 'set smallest value'. With 'always set last.fm value' both record A and B would have track a with 8 plays.

* Handle different songs as one

This option finds all artist/title - matches, calculates average playcount for files and sets all files' playcount accordingly. This is obviously only useful with set biggest/smallest value - option.

** Miscallenous **

Some time ago I made unbelievably ugly script (but hey, it worked!) called 'lastfm_laite' to fetch playcount info from last.fm, which was launched through 'Now Playing' plugin. If you have been using that, please disable (and preferably destroy) it.

** Contact **

Bugs/Suggestions are welcome at gmusicbrowser's IRC channel (I'm laite) or at the gmb forums.