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This is *not* a plugin as such, it's something small I put together in one
evening after becoming so lazy I couldn't be bothered to get up from the couch
in order to play/pause gmusicbrowser.. Now all I need is my tablet and web
browser pointed to my computer.

:: Requirements: 

php-dbus extension
(I installed it through php-pear, with: sudo pecl install dbus-beta, and 
after that I had to add ""-line manually to php.ini)

:: Installation

After installing php-dbus and cloning these files it's (hopefully) a simple
matter of running server. Note that you must run it as local user, so apache
(and such) are usually out of question. Luckily, modern php allows itself to be
used as server (once again, note! You probably shouldn't do this if your
computer is accessible from outside world! This is very likely not a secure

:: Launch

So, let's launch php server (in the folder where these files are):
php -S

Obviously, change your ip and port you wish to use accordingly.

If everything went well, you can now surf to
and play/pause from your respective couch!
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