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Amazon AWS S3 buckets

Deploys to an Amazon AWS S3 bucket.

HINT: By default, before you can use it, you have to create a credentials file in your user folder of your operating system with the access keys. Read Configuring the Access Keys to learn more.

But you also have the chance to define a custom credential provider.

    "deploy": {
        "targets": [
                "type": "s3bucket",
                "name": "My S3 bucket",

                "bucket": "my-bucket"
Name Description
acl The ACL for the files in bucket, s. Access Control List (ACL) Overview. Default: public-read
bucket The name of the bucket to deploy to.
checkBeforeDeploy Check for newer files before a deployment starts or not. Default: (false)
contentType Defines the content type for all files explicit.
credentials The credentials to use.
detectMime Detect the MIME type for a file automatically or not. Default: (true)
dir The directory inside the bucket where to deploy to. Default: /
transformer* The path to the script that transforms data before it is send / after it has been downloaded.
transformerOptions Optional data for the transformer script.

* supports placeholders


Name Description
config The configuration data for the credential provider (class constructor).
type The credential provider to use. Default: shared


The following providers are supported:

Name Description Class in AWS SDK
cognito Represents credentials retrieved from STS Web Identity Federation using the Amazon Cognito Identity service. CognitoIdentityCredentials
ec2 Represents credentials received from relative URI specified in the ECS container. ECSCredentials
ec2meta Represents credentials received from the metadata service on an EC2 instance. EC2MetadataCredentials
environment Represents credentials from the environment. EnvironmentCredentials
file Represents credentials from a JSON file on disk. FileSystemCredentials
saml Represents credentials retrieved from STS SAML support. SAMLCredentials
shared Represents credentials loaded from shared credentials file. SharedIniFileCredentials
temp Represents temporary credentials retrieved from 'AWS.STS'. TemporaryCredentials
web Represents credentials retrieved from STS Web Identity Federation support. WebIdentityCredentials
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