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Local or shared network folders inside a LAN

Deploys to a local folder or a shared folder (like SMB) inside your LAN.

    "deploy.reloaded": {
        "targets": [
                "type": "local",
                "name": "My local folder",
                "description": "A local folder",

                "dir": "E:/test/my_package_files"

                "type": "local",
                "name": "My network folder",
                "description": "A SMB shared network folder",

                "dir": "\\\\MyServer\\my_package_files"
Name Description
dir* The target directory. Relative paths will be mapped to your home directory (.vscode-deploy-reloaded sub folder) or the .vscode folder. Default: ./out
empty Empty target directory BEFORE deploy or not. Default: (false)
syncTime Try to synchronize the timestamps between source and target files or not. Default: (true)

* supports placeholders

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