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Sidewalk semantic segmentation
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Sidewalk Semantic Segmentation

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This is the repository of our portfolio project in DSR. In this project, we built a classifier that can predict the surface category of sidewalks in Berlin from street view images. We developed this as a basis for the future routing application that can tell users road conditions.



The basis model is U-Net with VGG11 encoder pretrained with ImageNet.

We trained two models, one is a sidewalk detector, and the other is a surface category classifier. The two outputs were combined to make a final prediction.


We collected 798 images from Google Street View and manually annotated them. We supplemented the dataset with 77 photos that we took ourselves. For the sidewalk detector, we further supplemented the dataset with 1424 images from Berkeley DeepDrive dataset.

We used 30 GSV images for the validation, and other 30 GSV images for the test.


Binary classification test IoU

Category IoU
Sidewalk 0.838

Surface category classification test IoU

Category IoU
Flat Stones 0.547
Pavement Stone 0.462
Sett 0.602
Bicycle Tiles 0.419

Segmentation examples

example1 example2


Install dependencies

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Predict an image

Download trained weights


Run a prediction

./ ./tests/resources/segmentation/labelme/JPEGImages/zyZ1BD8DoUJ2.jpg

This outputs segmented images to ./out

Train model


Run all tests

python -m pytest tests

Run interactive tests (This shows some images)

python -m pytest tests -m interactive --interactive

See training logs using tensorboard

tensorboard --logdir $LOGDIR



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