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Email Reply Parser

Node.js port of Github's EmailReplyParser, a small library to parse plain text email content.

Known Issues

(Taken from Github's version)

Quoted Headers

Quoted headers aren't picked up if there's an extra line break:

On <date>, <author> wrote:

> blah

Also, they're not picked up if the email client breaks it up into multiple lines. GMail breaks up any lines over 80 characters for you.

On <date>, <author>
> blah

Not to mention that we're search for "on" and "wrote". It won't work with other languages.

Possible solution: Remove "" lines...

Weird Signatures

Lines starting with - or _ sometimes mark the beginning of signatures:



Not everyone follows this convention:


Mr Rick Olson
Galactic President Superstar Mc Awesomeville

* Note: blah blah blah                                            *

Strange Quoting

Apparently, prefixing lines with > isn't universal either:



From: Bob []
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 6:16 PM
To: Rick

To run the tests

  • Install nodeunit npm install nodeunit
  • Run the tests: nodeunit test/email_reply_parser_test.js