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Userscripts/styles made by mkobayashime.

All of them are written just for myself, so I bear no responsibility.

Inspired by hideo54/userscripts.

Take a look at bookmarklets for more utils.

Recommended operation environment


Click Raw button in the desired script/style. Tampermonkey/Stylus will open their installation page automatically.

Scripts (*.user.js)

Copy lyrics automatically in supported sites

ETC利用照会サービスに h/l などのショートカットキーを追加します

freee にショートカットキーを追加します

Disable some keyboard shortcuts on GitHub

Ctrl+Enter to merge/automerge PR

Alert when you open Google Calendar in unintended accounts

Space key to like, arrow/h/l keys to next/previous photo in the post

Next/Prev image with arrow/h/l keys

Redirect Japanese pages in MDN to corresponding English pages

Moneytree にショートカットキーを追加します

Auto save draft articles periodically

Ctrl+Enter in "Save from site"

Scrapbox の Watch List を自動的に全削除します

Scrapbox でプロジェクトに関わらず特定のテーマを使用します

Scrapbox のプロジェクト単位で設定されているスタイルを無効化します

Scrapbox ページを新たに作成する際、意図したプロジェクトか確認するアラートを表示します

Disable autofocus to the message input field after moved to another channel

Alert when you reload/close Slack with a new draft

Refined shortcuts in the new (preview) version of TweetDeck

Refined shortcuts in Twitter for web

Google Meet-like Ctrl-d/e shortcuts in Zoom

Next/Prev image with arrow/h/l keys

Styles (*.user.css)

Dark theme for Google Calendar

Display Slack emoji with white background and in a slightly larger size

Mirrored video in YouTube